Starmark Bob-A-Lot!

Starmark Bob-A-Lot!

Interactive toy holds up to three cups of food and has adjustable openings.

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  1. it’s a nice way to keep my dog busy for a while. I really like the adjustable design – once your dog catches on that it’s a treat dispenser, you can adjust how quickly the treats will come out, thus extending the entertainment, unlike other treat dispensing balls.

  2. I bought this for my lab who eats WAY too fast. I had tried one of those brake fast bowls, and it worked with one of my dogs, but it barely slowed my gulper down. Because we have lost two dogs in my extended family to bloat over the past few years, the speed at which my dog could put it away scared me. Anyway, he loves this toy–I put in his kibble twice a day and let him go. It takes him about 45 minutes to get it all out, and his tail wags the entire time. From his old 15 seconds to 45 minutes–that’s awesome!!! What a great invention!

  3. I am a pet sitter and I have tried out many food dispensing toys with many of my clients. I originally bought this toy as it was a recommendation from a local dog trainer. I really like the concept, although I also really love the Premier pet products and for the price premier beats Star mark by a long shot. Not all dogs that came and stayed with me enjoyed this toy, some got bored and frustrated with it, while other’s were entertained for hours. The trick is using a high value treat when just starting out like Zuke’s mini’s or jerky type treats. After the dog gets used to the idea of this toy ,you can start using dog food. This toy only comes in one size, and has one major fault. The screw on top can be easily chewed off. I have had this toy for three months and had no problems with a number of different breeds and sizes of dogs, until one Alaskan Malamute decided to chew off the top. I plan on contacting the company to see about a replacement. Overall ,I would like to say that this is easier than the Premiers Tug a Jug toy, but not as durable. Dog toy company’s are doing a great job though. Enjoy this toy, and start with supervised sessions and do not leave your dog alone with it until you are sure they will not chew off the top .

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