I Visited The Mobile.co.uk Website

I want to give you a quick tour of the the .co.uk site. Let me navigate it for you. Their slogan says they have “Everything Mobile”, which, when translated for U.S. readers, means they have “Everything Cellphone”.

The first thing I checked out when I the website is their “Platinum Packs”. These are all-in-one packages that include everything you need for your . Pretty cool. I often find it difficult to find all the accessories for my phone all at one site. Usually, I end up with duplicate items because you have to buy two or three partially complete packages from different sources.

Scanning the page I see lots of links for just about every phone manufacturer I've ever heard of, a multitude of brands, and many different kinds of phones and numerous accessories. They also have large sections for iPods; and Wii, Xbox, and Playstation games and accessories. They have just about any other kind of electronics and gadgets you can imagine. There's even a “green” products section. A very well organized site, and very comprehensive to boot.

I browsed around a bit to get a feel for their website. I found a nice looking iphone dock page, a great blackberry case page, and found a wonderful selection of bluetooth headset.

I read a number of the hundreds of testimonials and feedback posts they have from a ton of happy, satisfied customers. I probably read 10 or 15 testimonials out of of 294 pages worth. Needless to say I got the idea that is very customer service oriented and aims to please their clients.

I also both their blog and forums pages. The blog basically has product reviews of new and excisting products, helpful tips like “How to Fix the Blackberry App Error 200″, and tutorials and helpful tips about how to use the more advanced features of the more advanced phones. The forums are divided up into various handset discussions, mobile technology threads, software discussions, as well as MobileFun's customer service section.

I have to give the MobileFun website a very high rating and recommendation.

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