It’s Not a Wolf, It’s a Tamaskan!

It's Not a Wolf, It's a Tamaskan!

It’s a ! Or…is it a ? No, actually, it’s a .

Tamaskan dogs do not contain any Wolf, Czech Wolf-dog or Saarloos content. Generally full of fun and comedic in nature. they have also been known to excel in obedience, agility, sled pulling and musical freestyle. And their calm and laid back nature also makes them suitable as .

Tamaskans are a and can be hard to come by in the US and UK, so more and more people are choosing to import.

Similar in size to their cousin the the Tamaskan has a wolf like appearance with a thick coat and straight bushy tail. Tamaskans have a double coat which means they will only shed twice a year. Their size ranges anywhere from 70 to 100 lbs. Tamaskans need little grooming, perhaps a good brush once a week and more during times of moulting.

Unlike their husky ancestors Tamaskan Dogs respond well off the lead and if trained sufficiently will return to you when called. They also have the pulling instinct of their Sled Dog ancestors and make good .

Tamaskans are super smart, and have sharp sensory skills, more superior than the average dog. But, they can also be stubborn, which can inyterfere with training. With careful gentle persuasion, and lots of play reward you can get them to comply.

The Tamaskan is a good being gentle with children and accepting of other dogs (and even the family cat).

As this breed originates from sled dogs they are most certainly a demanding and social breed, but the fact that they are bred purely from dogs makes them very attractive to owners. These dogs not like to be left alone and problems such as escaping and destructive behaviour may well be encountered.

Their Husky and German Shepherd ancestors both suffered with Hip dysplasia and to guard from this the Tamaskan Register insist that all breeding stock be scored before mating and they have so far kept a good breed average of 8.

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