Pomeranian Grooming

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maintenance for is similar to to the Pekingese.

A regular (damp) brushing against the hair weekly is crucial to keep the dense, lavish coat, which sheds seasonally, free of mats and tangles. Brushing as well helps to prevent and dandruff.

A Pomeranian’s coat demands very little clipping. Just once in awhile. Combing out is rarely needed and sometimes entirely superfluous.

Regular ear and nail attention is suggested, along with usually only peak-season bathing. It’s not advisable to bathe too often because excessive bathing could damage their skin and coat by getting rid of necessary oils, particularly whenever applying anti-flea products.

Pomeranians are likewise inclined to dentition troubles, and it’s suggested that their be brushed at least once each week. Ideally, their ought to be brushed every day and the dog be given dental and vitamin treats.

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