Train Your Dog to Come on Command

Do you have a that is already trained to come on command? One of the most frustrating times for dog owners can be when your pet ignores your call to come. If your dog doesn't come when you call do you start  getting mad and yelling with an angry voice? Well, I am here to tell you not to do that if you want to train your dog to come on command.This is because the anger and yelling sends the completely wrong message.  Yelling the word “come” in an angry and loud voice will be like teaching him that “come” means the same as “trouble”. As a matter of fact, the yelling may even make him choose to run farther away-this is really frustrating (I know).

It is much better to use positive reinforcement training and get the results you desire.You do this simply by giving your dog lots of praise and affection and some treats when he performs as you want.  Your dog will come to you because he will learn to relate the call to come as a very positive thing.

  • So that he doesn't get distracted when learning to come, begin the inside your house. Call him over by saying “come”  in a cheerful, happy voice. Give him lots of affection, praise and a treat as soon as he come to you. If any one else is around when you are training your dog to come, have them help you. For example, stand on opposite sides of the room and take turns calling the dog. Once your dog consistently responds to the come command  inside the house he is ready for further training outside.
  • Before you go outside, put your dog on his leash. If your dog is not paying attention to you when you command him to come,  give a tug on the leash to get his attention, and walk backwards until the dog runs up to you. Again, as soon as he does come reward him with praise, a pet and a treat. Be sure to reward and praise him for his actions, but don't get angry if he doesn't immediately get the idea. After you have gotten your dog to listen and come while on the short leash, the next step is to try it with a longer leash.
  • With a longer leash, your dog will feel your control less as you walk along. So, now when you call him, he may be feeling a little more independent, having more room to cruise and all, so it may tempt him to ignore your call command. If he doesn't respond, you can give a tug on his leash, and start to walk in opposite direction so he'll have to follow, and call again with a happy cheerful voice and offer praise and a reward when he does come on command. Keep working with him on the longer leash until he comes every time you call. Now you are ready for the next step-off leash recall.
  • You should start this training inside an enclosed yard, so there is no chance your dog will run off and not come back when you call. Just like on leash training, as soon as he responds to your call give him his praise and reward for a job well done. If your dog is not all that responsive, go back to the previous steps until he really has it down and try again. Hopefully, your dog is listening and now you are ready for the big test.
  • You are ready to try calling your dog while he is off leash and outside your yard. Unless the doggy is already well trained to come, he probably won't pass this tougher test. You have done a good job training your dog to come, if he listens even among all the distractions that may be going on. Of course, if he is not yet perfect just keep at it, and then keep at it some more till the training is successful. You are with your dog every day, so you will have plenty of opportunities to train him the way you want things to be.

Hopefully you will have found these tips useful. I have more helpful tips waiting for your for solving various types of dog behavior problems, just click here.

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