Schnauzer Facts

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A comprises a of canine. The name derives from the German word for snout as for the canines’ distinctively hairy muzzles. Kennel clubs normally divide this breed into 3 designations by size:

Miniature : Which is less than 15 inches high at the shoulder

: Females are 17-19 Inches, Males are 18-20 inches

: Which is 23.5- 25.5 Inches at the shoulder.

Different breeds nowadays, arising from the Standard of the past, the three share a few common features like intelligence, watchfulness, substantial sense of smell, and dedication to household.

Originally a wirehaired dog produced in Southern Germany, the dates back to the fifteenth cent. The standard schnauzer, catalogued by the in the working-dog group, was initially employed as a rat terrier, farm dog, and defender.

The giant schnauzer, arose at the close of the nineteenth cent. by mixing the with assorted indigenous sheepherding and farm dogs and later on the Great Dane. Both it and the giant schnauzer, as well a functional dog and bred particularly for driving cattle, were employed in police work.

The , likewise produced close to the close of the nineteenth cent., Ensued from the breeding of to affenpinscher. The miniature is classed in the terrier group and has been advanced chiefly as a pet.

The coat of all 3 breeds can be pepper and salt, silver, or black in coloring.

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Schnauzer Pictures

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Here’s a group of images from CafePress. And a few more I found in the public domain. Photograph by Jurriaan Schulman Photograph by Jurriaan Schulman Some videos of Schnauzers at dog shows. And a video of a paying with a deer.

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    • Ciara (14)
    • September 30, 2008

    Thanx so much, i thought my dog was a pavement special from the SPCA, but its quite amazing because everything u said is definately my dog.

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