Border collie, trainer rated first in nation

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This article first appeared in the “Oregon News“.

OAKLAND — and her Odie are ranked first in the in competition after competing in three recent events.

Odie’s average distance in 2007 is 24 feet, 8 inches. In Big Air, jumps are measured from the end of the dock that the dogs run on and jump from to where the base of the ’s tail hits the water when it splashes down.

Roeder, 15, is a freshman at Oakland High School. Odie is her 3-year-old black-and-white male .

In late February in a San Francisco competition, Odie placed third with a best jump of 23-11. In mid-March in Long Beach, Calif., the was third again with a 24-6 effort. Then a couple weeks later in Stockton, Calif., Odie placed second with a 24-1 jump. Earlier in that meet during a qualifying round, the border had a weekend best of 25-1.

Odie’s overall average of 24-8 is two inches ahead of the runner-up .

The next competition for Roeder and her will be in Arkansas in June. The pair have already qualified for 2007 Dockdogs Worlds that is scheduled for late July in Wisconsin and for Dockdogs Nationals in October in Minnesota.

Odie placed fourth in nationals last year. The owns the Oregon state Dockdog , having jumped 25-5 last August at the Douglas County Fair in Roseburg.

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