The Maltepoo

The (a.k.a. , , , and malti-doodle), represents a mixed-breed dog bred of and parents. The maltepoo comprises one of numerous basic poodle crossbreeds, mostly the consequence of new interest in so-called designer dogs. Although Maltese* incline to feature a typically consistent form, poodles can deviate widely in size and coloration. Therefore, Maltepoos exhibit these variances. The dog by nature demonstrates features from each one of its parents. A special advantage maltepoos are alleged is a consistently diminished amount or lack of shedding, attributable to both parents comprising low shedders.

Maltepoo popularity

The growth in productive maltepoo breeding has likewise been determined along celebrity trends. An good example is Jessica Simpson's maltepoo, Daisy, who was featured in her television series. Additional celebrity owners include , who has a maltepoo called Teddy, , and , who owns a maltepoo named Blondie (as is Ashlee Simpson's).


Maltepoos share behavior features with full-blood Maltese and Poodles. This by and large results in a dog that's playful and very energetic, but they may likewise be overprotective of their family and household. An undisciplined and/or insufficiently socialized dog might bite whenever a different animal or human trespasses into their territorial domain. Similar to its two parent breeds, the maltepoo is extremely sociable and demands its owners to be cheerful as well. Allowing the dog to be unattended for lengthy periods of time could lead to mischievous, destructive, and otherwise .

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  1. I think Maltipoos are the greatest dog ever! Smart like a Poodle, yet calmer like a Maltese.

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