UPI Pictures of the Year 2007 – Afghan Hound

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Afghan Hound Designer Dogwear

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Now you can own a copy of this lovely original art by Shelly Firsich For the Afghan breeder, lover, handler or anyone wanting to show off this wonderful of dogs! If you have an Afghan Hound

Afghans In The Park

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I had a dog, when I was little. A gorgeous Afghan hound. She had been locked up in a shed with a dozen other dogs for six months by some weirdo, who chucked in tins of unopened food now and then. By the time they were discovered they were all dead or dying, except […]

All About the Afghan Hound Dog Breed

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The Afghan Hound, also referred to as a Tazi or Baluchi Hound, is an exotic from . It is known for its regal appearance and long silky coat. The males of this breed can grow to 27 inches tall and weigh up to about 60 pounds. Female are slight smaller with […]

The Afghan Hound, Hunter of the Desert

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The Afghan Hound is considered to be one of the most exotic breeds to be shown in the United States. When the Afghan enters the Hound ring the crowd usually goes wild. It is one of the most popular exhibits at the show. As a pet, it is a “status symbol” in the apartments […]

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