How To Prevent Dog Digging

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I am going to share a tip I learned about how to prevent your dog's digging up the yard. I went with my neighbor to run some errands the other day. When we returned to his house about 3 hours later we couldn't even drive through the gate. My friend”s nutty dug a huge hole over five feet across and at least two feet deep. We live at the beach, so it is easy for his dogs to do a lot of damage digging in a short amount of .  His dogs have done this every so often for years. My friend didn't have a clue how to prevent his dogs from digging up his yard.

There are various reason that may be causing the dog's digging behavior.  Perhaps your dog is digging because he wants to escape, or maybe just for something to do, or just trying to dig down to some cooler soil below . I've got some tips on how to prevent dogs from digging up their yard or the . My friend's dogs dug up the area right in front of the front gate, so it seemed like an escape attempt.  However, on other occasions these same bored dogs have dug holes in the middle of the yard. At other times, his dogs would dig up any areas that were wet from watering to escape the heat of the sand. Finally my neighbor said enough was enough-let's put a stop to this.

Following some of the advice I found on solving digging problems in a great dog training book I have, we decided was to build the dogs their own area where they were free to dig without it being a problem. We enclosed the chosen area of the yard with some dog proof fencing, and because the ground is sand, we already had made the safe digging area for the dogs. We made sure the enclosure had some shade so it wouldn't be uncomfortable for the dogs on hot days. My neighbor even put in a wading pool and some chew toys. He obviously loves those dogs. Since the dogs only dug up the yard when he was away he has now learned how to prevent the dogs from digging up his yard using a win-win type of solution.

You may not live on a sandy beach lot, but you can still make a suitable area for your digging dog in you own yard. Inside the  area that you have chosen to enclose just put in a sandbox with some loose soil mixed with sand. Pick an area to enclose that has some shade  (or add some shade cloth) and in addition to putting in a sandbox for digging purposes, be sure to put in his water bowl and some chew toys to keep him busy.

This is a great way to prevent dogs from digging up your yard and it provides them a nice place to hang out when you are away. Some dogs will stop digging up the yard once they get used to just digging in their play area, and you might be able to once again let him out in your absence. This probably won't hold true for the dogs that dig for escape purposes. If you follow this tip, you'll have stopped the yard from ever getting dug up again.

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