What Are Some Of The Easiest Things We Could Build At Home For A Dog Training Course?

A reader asked..
Which are examples of a of of the ?

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    • OntarioG
    • October 4, 2009

    Easy you can put a broom handle on top of two buckets or rocks or whatever will keep it in the air and you can use that for jumping practice.You can also put a piece of board on top of a cup or something and that can be used to test the dog’s balance.Though I think what I’m talking about is for a dog agility trial .Who knows this could work too.(I hope)

    • LiaChien
    • October 4, 2009

    This site show examples of homemade equipmenthttp://www.dogbegood.com/equipment.html
    And here is instructions to make somehttp://www.peak.org/~helix/Agility/http://www.mountainviewdogs.com/store/ub...http://www.caninecrib.com/dog/training/a...http://www.mfrye.com/agilityeq/

    • sonnys_r
    • October 4, 2009

    If you are talking about an agility practice course, it is very easy to build some of the basic obstacles. The jumps are very easy to build out of PVC piping and some fittings, plus a PVC cutter tool is very helpful. You have to look for the specialty 4-way connector fittings for the bases of the jumps, which I found only at OSH hardware, not Lowes or Home Depot.
    I think when I was making some extra jumps, I bought a dozen full-size 1/2 inch pipes, cut them down to size, and was able to make six or seven standard jumps for my dogs, at various heights with pre-cut jump cups.
    For a tunnel, you can get a super easy and cheap kids play tunnel for beginners practice.
    Oh, and one of my clients told me they recently found some mini obstacles at Target the other day. She said she got a mini tunnel, a tiny dog walk, and some other items.
    Weave poles are also easy to make.
    Just cut up some PVC in to the ideal height for your dog, get some camping tent ground stakes, and nail the stakes in to the pipes. These make for super training tools and are very portable.
    As for the contact obstalces, those are a bit trickier to construct and you must be capable with wood, a saw, and nails and such.
    You can find complete plans for building a whole course online.

    • navymoms
    • October 4, 2009

    well you need a seesaw and bendable poles and a play tube and just rearrange them around in your yard and practice every day<3333
    good luck hun

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