Checking The “Professional” Material in Your Great Dane

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Have you ever wondered if your pet deserves to be in show? Or do you have plans of getting your Great Dane puppy to be in shows later on? If you need hints on these concerns, then read on. Compare and contrast the traits of your own against the following to verify if your dog is made of “professional”, or show-material stuff.

Height and Weight

The height of Great Dane male dogs is usually 30 to 34 inches or around 76 to 86 centimeters. On the other hand, female Great Danes are 28 to 32 inches or 71 to 81 centimeters high. Now, the weight of a Great Dane is around 120 to 200 pounds for males and 100 to 130 pounds for females. If your Great Dane slightly pushes beyond the range provided then it is deemed to be of higher value. The Dane is among the world's tallest breed of dogs. So, in order for them to be acknowledged as of professional caliber, your dog needs to be of outstanding height.


In order for the dog to be of fully , it needs to be seen that the dogs have a sound mind, longevity, body and health. All the breed members that are able to make it to the shows are certified as free from inherited or indigenous issues. Your Great Dane must have no disqualifying faults, and has the breed's traits of a buff sport-loving canine, with a positive bond with humans. It will be even better if your dog is an example in at least some of the conformation traits, sometimes due perhaps to great dane training. If so, then you have a dog maturing into a possible Professional Great Dane!

Superior Traits

For a Great Dane to be deemed as having a future in show, the dog needs to be in the pink of health, and also have a positive character and personality. From this arises the harmony in the dog of balance and proportion. If your dog has these, expect that sooner or later, somebody will compliment your dog for its dignified profile and fluid motion. Think how much more refinement the dog would exude if it experiences great dane training!

Color Varieties

Professional dogs are classified and grouped according to color varieties. If your dog's color is nowhere near any of the categories, then it cannot be adjudged as worthy of the professional label. A beginner to the in's and out's of even this concern will understandably be confused. For example, the fawn color is a tan color that needs to have a black mask only. Then the mantle color is a black color with white trims in the collar, chest, and leg among other parts of the dog's body. Blue, gray or brindled spots cannot fall under harlequin great danes, just as any Great Dane that is of solid blue, black, white, or tan markings, are considered as disqualifications.

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