Approach Pack

Approach Pack
Approach Pack
: $59.00

Approach Pack by Ruffwear. This multi-day dog pack is a must for the traveling pup and parent. Our Approach Pack, of 1680-Deneir ballistic nylon, uses spider web harness technology and provides stability, . It can be used on long hiking trips but also on your daily walks. By having your dog carry a little extra weight on his outings, you will not only help him feel important but he will also get more exercise. The harness chassis provides superior fitting, load carrying stability, and support without excessive straps. Low profile elliptical saddlebags keep loads comfortably balanced. Available in Red. Please click on our Resources page for more training info. As part of the Conservation Alliance, this product is environmentally responsible. Durability prevents continuous replacement, minimal packaging is used, manufacturing processes are highly efficient, getting the most of out of the resources. This item was made while enforcing the credo of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Sizing: XS: Dog 12.75 in. Chest Girth Fits dogs 17 to 24 in. S: Dog Length 15.25 in. Chest Girth Fits dogs 18 to 30 in. M: Dog Length 19 in. Chest Girth Fits dogs 23 to 36 in. L: Dog Length 22 in. Chest Girth Fits dogs 31 to 48 in.

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