5 Reasons for Dog Barking Problems

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I cannot get the thought of barking off my mind this morning. I'm guessing that this is because I spent the entire night listening to my neighbor's crazy dogs barking at coyotes all night long. This gave me plenty of time to ponder all the many nearby dogs with barking problems, and the various reasons that caused these behaviors. It became obvious that my otherwise tranquil and peaceful neighborhood was really a home to a bunch of problem barkers.

Here is a short list of just a few of the most common reasons for dogs to engage in . So, if your dog is suffering from one of these problems with barking too much, you are going to have to work with him to fix it. Unfortunately, the problem of your dog's excessive barking will not just go away all by itself.

  • It is very common to see ( actually, hearing is a better choice of words) a dog begin barking upon seeing a stranger or another dog come into his view.Dogs instinctively want to guard and protect their territory and family so this behavior is quite understandable. This becomes problem barking  when a dog just won't stop the barking even after it has made its point. When the dog no longer sees the object of his barking, he gets some positive feedback-thinking that his barking has scared it away.
  • Often the problem begins when dogs  respond to hearing other dogs- or in my neighbor's case, coyotes- barking in the distance.  If you have a dog that  is out in the yard  engaging in long distance barking you can teach him not to be doing that. The issue of problem dog barking should be corrected, because it affects your neighbors as well as you.
  • Dogs that are all stressed out and insecure are much more likely to bark even for insignificant reasons. Dogs like this, who feel insecure will start barking just out of nervous anxiety. These are the kinds of dogs that often  bark on and off all the time unless their masters are with them. My friend used to have a very high-strung dog, which I once saw start barking vigorously at a leaf that fell down from a tree above. That dog was really nervous. You can guess there was often a lot of barking going on for nothing.
  • A dog that is really lonely and bored may just start barking out of frustration-he wants to tell the whole world all about it.  A dog that is left alone most of the time and doesn't get enough attention and playtime and  from its master is the most likely dog to have this behavior.
  • Occasionally your dog may bark non-stop at you to play with them or feed them or something, and he won't stop until he gets it-no matter if you are already working on something else. A dog that has respect for his master and sees him as the Alpha dog, wouldn't be doing this. As a matter of fact, when you give in and feed him or play with him after he barks excessively at you for attention, you are actually teaching him that he can boss you around. I have been through this with my Lab-she liked  to bark at me when she was bored and wanted to play-she was trying to train me, and did a  good job of it too-until I learned better and stopped responding.

So, use these tips to put an end to your dog's excessive barking problems. For more advice on solving dog behavior problems or obedience tips please check out my review of the best on line training guide.

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