Different Health Care For A Boxer Dog

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Providing For A Boxer

There is a lot of boxer dog care informationon the Internet and in books and magazines.  It is important for those who are considering buying a boxer dog to find out what it takes to take care of a boxer dog so that they are equipped to manage some of the unique aspects of this particular breed.  Although is simple in most cases, there are some more serious health issues that are common to the breed that owners need to be aware of so that they can be sure that they will be able to take care of the boxer if it gets sick.  However, health care for a boxer dog usually only requires the regular check ups and vaccinations as well as daily nutrition and exercise.

Common Problems Associated With Health Care of a Boxer Dog

One common problem in health care for a boxer dog is ears that become clogged with wax and dirt.The ears become very itchy and appear dirty having an odor in them.  The dog will often scratch at its ears so that they become irritated and red, which puts them in danger of infection if not taken care of.  The dog will also often shake its head to relieve the itching, which is very irritating to be around and causes discomfort to the dog.  There is a simple health care solution for the boxer dog’s ear problems.Ear washes are available for not only cleaning out the dog’s ears but also making them smell better.  The bottles are shaped with a nozzle that fits into the dog’s ear so that the solution goes into the ear canal rather than spilling on the floor.  Once the solution is in the ear, the owner should massage the ear so that the ear solution moves around and rinses out the ear.  Once finished, the dog can shake its head (best done in an open area outdoors) so that the wax, dirt and solution spill out of the ear.  The ear can then be wiped with a paper towel to remove the other dirt and ear wax as well as to dry the excess solution.

Skin and food allergies are the other common problems in the health care for a boxer dog.  Often the two are tied together.  Once the food allergy is found, the skin allergy is cleared up.This health care can be considered the simplest health care for the boxer dog.  The boxer is usually recommended to be on a lamb and rice diet which is very mild for the stomach of the dog.  The dog will also often be put on a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner so that the skin is not irritated by those products.

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