What Dog Toy Is Stronger Than A Kong?

A reader asked..
And have you tried it also where can it be purchased?
's last for about a month or so but is there any other that might last longer?

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    • Mutts say: Don't Litter!
    • September 29, 2009

    my dog she is a ye lab

    • AnitaF
    • September 29, 2009

    Black kongs are the strongest. Tire toys are pretty good. So are “monkey fists” large knotted rope balls. Busy Buddy has treat toys that are made out of bullet proof plastic. Jolly Balls the large ones are good and cannot be punctured.. I could go on and on

    • boy kitty tabitha needs a hug
    • September 29, 2009

    Our shelter has found Buster Cubes to be fairly effective. They are hard plastic cubes that you can insert kibble into them and the dog has to throw the thing around for the kibble to come out. They’re really loud, but for a food motivated dog they’re wonderful. It’s also shaped so that it’s hard for them to get their mouth around it to chew on.http://www.jbpet.com/Buster-Cube,2187.ht…

    • Heather V
    • September 29, 2009

    I tried something called a Zisc for my Jack Russell, and it lasted longer than most other toys. It’s something like a frisbee but more pliable. Even though he ripped it in half, he still plays with both halves – two toys for the price of one! He likes to get it in his mouth and shake his head back and forth and make vicious sounds. He seems to really like it. The website where you can find it also has other toys that are guaranteed to be tough and they will replace them one time if your dog kills them.

    • -Dig it ♥
    • September 29, 2009

    good question! My pitbull eats kongs too- even the toys labeled ‘pitbull tested’ are generally no match for his chewing, hah! His favorite toy hands down, is the extra large Romp n’ Roll ball by Jolly Pets. It is a giant rubber ball about the size of a soccer ball, with a rope going through the middle. He usually pulls the rope out after a couple good play sessions, but he continues to chew on the ball for a long time without destroying it. I buy him a new one every 3 mos or so when it gets too many tooth holes. :o) Jolly Pets makes several different toys that are good for the particularly strong chewer, check them out!

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