Best Place To Find Unique Dog Collars And Supplies?

A reader asked..
I am buying a puppy soon, and was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that sell very cute, very unique ?
Here's the tough part- it's not for one of those teensy-tiny dogs! It will be for a full grown Australian Shepherd. Not huge, but not really really small either. (although, pretty small for me, owning a German Shepherd!)
Leather or Nylon, doesn't matter as long as they have COMFY ! Also, not super expensive please!

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I have bought 3 dog collars off ebay and want to know what size to order my dogs?

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    • Hi.Level 4! keep the BA's co
    • September 28, 2009

    Delilah is cute!
    I buy all of our collars from Jeffers, nothing special.

    • Mel
    • September 28, 2009

    I think the link above is your best bet.
    I like Delilah. 😀 its cute.

    • Beatriz M
    • September 28, 2009

    Here’s a site where you can find cute collars, unique toys, and all sorts of cool stuff for your dog:
    Delilah is a pretty name!

    • Mutts say: Don't Litter!
    • September 28, 2009

    Well I had a friend that worked for petsmart. They sell really cute stuff there. Although I heard their were being accused of animal cruelty but hey as long as you don’t take you dog there ,right. Just to buy there products its okay i guess. I’ve been there and they have really good stuff.
    Well there is the link and lots of luck to you…
    DELILAH sounds really fascinating…two tumbs up.

    • Alexa
    • September 28, 2009 has some great things. I met them at a dog show awhile back and bought a few of their collars. Great quality and fun!

    • Books&Do
    • September 28, 2009

    Delilah is a very pretty name, an Blue Merle is my FAVORITE Aussie coloring.
    I just bought my dog a new leash and collar set yesterday for his one year birthday. Spiffydogs is the brand of both of them. They are a nice lightweight collar that has an outside that is mesh and they dry very quickly. They are the air collar ones. They also come in some really cute patterns. I got the peace sign one.…
    Edit: Bea the only place I’ve ever read Petsmart being accused of animal cruelty is by PETA, which is not a reliable source. I worked at Petsmart for 2 1/2 years and not once did I see animal cruelty. Though collars and leashes at Petsmart will not be very Unique, a lot of dogs have them.

    • BYB's R Mini Puppy Mills
    • September 28, 2009

    I think Delilah is an awesome name! It makes me think of accents and big hair.
    Here are a couple links for websites with Medium and Large listed under their sizes.……………

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