Does Petco Have Good Dog Training Classes?

A reader asked..
We might get a and we have looked at 2 that will need training, and we need to know if is a place to go? Are they Professional Does their training really work?

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    • heather
    • September 28, 2009

    Find a local training club that offers classes and go there…

    • Marna O
    • September 28, 2009

    training is a key. petco not so sure but, i took my dog to petsmart and they both learned a bunch… was only 8 weeks and $109!!!!

    • blue_vue
    • September 28, 2009

    It depends on the individual who is the trainer, of course!
    Generally, I would recommend searching elsewhere, as a local obedience club.

    • Kerry
    • September 28, 2009

    NO!!!!!!! thay suck i took my bichon to puppy classes when he was 3 months back in 2004 and the trainer had no idea on how to help with his problems. in fact she did not even know what a bichon was or even herd about them. i was really disgusted on the knowledge suposly that this trainer had. my bichon barely pass by the skin of this teeth. i said if my bichon does not pass i want a refund that i paid for for the 8 weeks like aa $100.00

    • rAwR
    • September 28, 2009

    hello dear i have more than 15 years in the pet care business and i can tell you that most of the time they give one of their random employees a training course and stick them out there. They can not teach you anything you can’t learn yourself. I know it doesn’t sound right but dog training is really about persistence and basic skills. depending on what training your wanting to teach your fido, i suggest to do it yourself. # one when you take the pet to a place that is not it’s normal surroundings allot of times the pet thinks ok i have to do this when i am here and when these other people are here as well. then when you take the pet home it’s not associating home with it’s training. Hopefully you can save your money train at home and rely on folks like me to help you for free! now one thing that can work at times is an at home pet trainer, but same thing the pet thinks he takes his orders from this stranger or only minds you when this stranger is around. I hope this helps and I hope i can help you further.

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