How to Prepare For Potty Training a Puppy

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If this is your potty training a puppy, then you need to remember that things are going to get a bit messy in the near future. To keep your home from becoming like a war zone full of "acid pools" and "landmines," you need to get a stock of these basic things to help you survive the process:

Odor And Stain Removers
This is one of the very first things you need to obtain during the potty training process. Thefact of the matter is, it is inevitable that your puppy will have an accident in and about your home, and it will remember the location unless you quickly scrub away the spots and stains. The scent is a particularly important thing to get rid of as well, so make sure your cleaner can also get rid of smells.

Used newspapers
These can serve three purposes. One, they can help you soak up the urine or gather up feces. The second thing is, they can also serve as bedding for your . Thirdly, these will serve as fillers for your dog potty during the potty training process and afterwards. Just be sure not to mix the second and third together. Even if the paper a dog sleeps upon is kept clean, the dog will be reluctant to excrete on whatever it slept on.

Potty training pads that are pretreated
You can buy these chemically treated pads from your local store if you really want to make the potty training process easier. The chemicals encourage your puppy or dog to do its if it sniffs it, and it can also help eliminate the odour of feces and urine. You will have to spend more money on the product than you will on old newspapers, though.

Cage or crate
If you are , then you need to keep a crate or cage that matches the puppy's size and gives it a little room to move around in. As mentioned before, dogs do not like to excrete on their sleeping area. Keeping them in a crate or cage as you sleep or leave the house forces them to hold in it, disciplining them and allowing you to steer your attention away to other matters like sleep and work.

Patience and vigilance
Even if you have a crate or cage to use, you are still going to need a lot of time and attention to ensure the potty training process is successful. All the inventions in the world will not help unless a human hand is there to guide the puppy through one of its first lessons in life.

Keep all of these in stock while potty training a puppy and you will be able to quickly and effectively get the job done within a matter of days!

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