Train Your Puppy Early-Group Puppy Training Classes

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Getting an early start to and your puppy with group puppy classes is a great idea. You can get started early-puppies as young as 6 weeks of age are able to learn new tricks. This is the best time to get him started with learning and socializing so that he grows up with very good behavior and doggy manners.

I noticed that the dogs I started training early in group classes grew up to be much better behaved than the earlier dogs I procrastinated starting training with. Prior to using group puppy classes I had 2 aggressive German shepherds. Unfortunately, I didn’t even start training them until they had already had enough time to develop aggression issues. With the pups I have taken to early group puppy training lessons, thanks to the socializing, none of them has developed an aggression problem.

In the litter, your pup was getting continual lessons in socialization from his Mama and siblings. During the time a puppy still lives with his Mama and litter mates, he gets continual socializing lessons from them, and if he gets out of line, they will let him know it and put an end to it. For example, the Mama will grab him by the scruff of his neck and hold him still till he relaxes and submits. Puppies normally will learn their guidelines in this way. Just like our kids, they need some guidelines to help them learn the right behaviors.

Since your puppy now depends on you for socialization, you need to make sure he is exposed to other dogs and people and reduce the chance  he grows up isolated and aggressive. Dogs are social animals and need companionship to be happy. It is easy to see why it is that a puppy or that is kept confined and away from interaction with other puppies or dogs or people is much more likely to become aggressive. I feel that the 2 aggressive dogs I had earlier became that way due to isolation.

Of course starting early in a group class is important for having a well trained adult dog. In addition to socializing your pup you will be learning the basic commands and hand signals so you can continue your puppy’s training daily at home. Before I took my own puppies to group classes I had dogs that were obedience trained, but just not socially trained. A dog that is well balanced both socially and with obedience training fits well in any type of social situation.A puppy that has had the group training will be more likely to grow up comfortable around others.

Puppies are ready by 6 weeks of age for their group class-they can already soak up new things like a sponge. You should check out the amazing videos on YouTube of little puppies doing all kinds of tricks to see how early they can learn.

Try out this one important tip of bringing your puppy to group training class, and you are very unlikely to later have an aggressive dog. Look up information on group puppy training courses in your area and use one that uses positive reinforcement training only. In addition to the benefits of early obedience training and socializing, my puppy and I had a lot of fun going to the classes.

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