The BC-50

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Does your dog bark a lot?  Is there no peace in the house when your dog goes off?  Does your dog wake you up at night?  Does your dog even wake the neighbors?  If so, Innotek has the answer. In these situations, what you need is the BC 50 no .

Man's Best Friends

Dogs are man's best companions. They bring the newspaper to our chairs, the slippers to our beds, and the warmth to our hearts. Nevertheless, sometimes they can get over excited can't they? In these situations, they tend to bark uncontrollably which can become a problem if unchecked. However, you can solve this with the BC-50 that works.

Features of the BC-50

This BC-50 is one of Innotek's greatest innovations. Why?  Because it humanely takes care of the problem (PetSafe Approved). The BC-50 is strapped onto your dog's neck and is worn for specific periods during the day. The collar only requires a 6V battery, and it's very light so it doesn't encumber the dog. There aren't remote controls or switches as the collar functions automatically whenever your dog barks. Your dog can wear the collar even if it rains. That's because the BC-50 is resistant to water.

The BC-50 is actually a great teaching tool. The collar gets your dog to learn not to bark. With some and , your dog will not need the collar anymore to behave and restrain from barking at inconvenient situations.

Why Should You Choose Innotek?

From the very beginning, we have used every single product we make with our own pets. The BC-50 is no exception. It passed our testing at home with flying colors. That's why we are confident when we recommend you try it with your pet.

Innotek's BC50 Anti Bark Collar delivers results in a humane way that doesn't hurt your loved pet. It's accepted by dog trainers everywhere. We tested it on our pets , so we can guarantee its results.

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