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‘Tis the season to buy presents for your puppies. Just like the kids, your pets know the holidays are here. They see the buzz in the house. They small all the great that's being cooked and they realize there's something interesting under the tree. On Christmas day, they also see that the other kids in the family are ripping things open and getting toys and treats, and if there's not something for them, they are wondering why they got overlooked. 
Don't forget the four-legged family members this year. Don't know what to get? Here's a list of some of the more popular toys for canines. 
Tug and Throw Dog Toys – There are a lot of these toys on the market. Some parts of them are heavy-duty rubber material, some parts are rope. Both parts are lots of fun for your pooch. You can throw the toy for them to fetch, then the two of you can get down and enjoy a old fashioned game of tug of war. 
Plush Dog Toys – There's nothing like a good toy to shake around and beat up in your eyes. This is probably the reason there are a lot of stuffed dog toys on the market, from sporting themes to toys that like other animals, to the bark-a-rita, which is a stuffed toy that looks like a topped off margarita , there are all sorts of fun stuffed toys for your pup. If you want to with a holiday theme, you will likely be able to find a lot of toys that are wearing Santa hats, holding candy canes, or even a snowman plush toy for your pooch. 
Don't forget the tasty goodies!
Just like the kids like to see what kinds of yummy goodies are in their stockings so too your dogs will want to know what kind of tasty treats they're getting this holiday season. 
From rawhide chewies to snacks that look like Christmas cookies or candy pieces, there is no end to the options when you want to create a culinary wonderland for your . If you want to completely do it , you can even get a stocking just for your pet, where Santa can leave all their goodies. 
A bit of a warning on this front through; just like the kids eating too much candy after Halloween, the dog eating too many treats at the holidays is not a good idea. 
While you may want to give him extras, as you enjoy a festive time, many dog tummies are sensitive, and too much of those rich treats can make them sick. Not to mention they will likely already be handed a few pieces of people food during the holiday meal. 
Make sure to keep an eye on what your pet is eating and keep it in moderation. While it's fun to give them gifts, you can also give them the treats over a long time period and keep them healthy and happy.

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