Giving Our Pets The Care They Deserve

Grooming and isn’t pampering, it’s essential. It is an essential step in keeping your happy and healthy and should never be overlooked. 

Taking the proper steps to board your dog when you have to travel is another important consideration for .  Giving proper thought to these vital aspects of dog ownership can make all the difference in your ’s life.

While we all tend to pay attention to the basics such as feeding, walking and playing with our pets, we sometimes overlook the other responsibilities that come with owning a dog.  Dog boarding and dog day care is as important as finding a place to stay for yourself.  You want someplace clean, safe and well appointed…why would you settle for anything less for your dog?

And keeping your dog’s coat clean and free of matting can be just as crucial to maintaining its health as a proper diet and plenty of water.  not only results in a shinier coat, it can help to improve blood supply to the skin.Having a dog’s nails clipped isn’t pampering, it’s an essential grooming step that will keep your dog walking and moving comfortably.

While most owners can handle standard brushing and bathing, some prefer to use the services of a professional groomer when it comes to more extensive care.  Some dog facilities will include grooming as part of their services.  Just like choosing a veterinarian, it is important that you exercise proper caution when selecting a groomer.  Make sure they are licensed and their facility is clean and well maintained.

Dog grooming can be a way for pet and owner to bond.  Dogs will often equate daily brushing with petting and showing affection.  The earlier you get your dog used to regular grooming, the better since it will help to establish grooming as a positive experience.  But grooming doesn’t stop with the coat…the eyes, ears and nails also require regular maintenance to ensure proper health.

Careful dog owners will not only pay attention to grooming but also ensure that their dog is well cared for when they are away.  Dog boarding can be hard on both pet and owner, but if you do your research and find an establishment with good facilities and proper licensing it can also be a positive experience.Before choosing, you should always make a physical visit to any facility your considering leaving your dog at.  

Some facilities offer full service boarding, including special diets if your dog requires one, walking and playing on a regular basis to ensure your dog gets proper exercise, and even dog grooming to keep pets looking and feeling their best.  One of the best ways of finding a good boarding facility is by asking other dog owners you know.  Often, word of mouth recommendation says more about a boarding facility than any license or brochure can.

We all love our pets and want what’s best for them, so why skimp when it comes to grooming and boarding?   Take the time to find a facility that you and your dog can be comfortable with and you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing your best friend is getting the best possible care.

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