West Paw Design Zogoflex Dog Toy, Tux, Colors Vary

West Paw Design Zogoflex Dog Toy, Tux, Colors Vary

Product Description
Meet Tux. It's like a dog's chance to get his cake and eat it too. Tux is the perfect combination of a supremely stuffable / tossable dog treat and guaranteed-tough ®. like our other Zogoflex toys, Tux is pliable, bounces, nontoxic, recyclable, and buoyant. Simply stuff your dog's favorite treat into the cavity of Tux and let ‘er rip. Tux is even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Tux is a treat toy and was designed to withstand chewing, but still be fun – with or without a treat.

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  1. I have a £ 65 American Bulldog & Lab mix that can rip next to the black Kong toy in less than 15 minutes. I have many other toys, which were classified as "indestructible, super hard, biting or aggressive," with the same result – small piles of rubber parts on both sides of my dog, who sinks her teeth and pulls at Alongside the toys. Ordered one of these toys Zogoflex Tux after reading the reviews of hope, something that finally stood up to find his helicopter. Received an orange a couple of days later and showed it to my dog. Er war es sofort. Soon became his favorite toy. As he stood up to his chewing? Well, he was chewing on it for over a week and it still seems brand new. I also have the most hidden is, that basically makes it really go to the cause, and he has not yet got around to all the pieces out of it! He can also get the game Tux. In fact, it's the only toy we have, which led to me and fall into his arms and asked me to take them. To obtain E 'a chew toy, treat a member and a toy, and has spoken against the toughest chewing dog I have ever known. It's worth the money, in my opinion!

    • Riva
    • September 18, 2009

    My dog pulls all more or less, he loves this toy and still has a dent in it at all. He uses it as a toy, but to chew its range steps and see how he would try to preserve it as it bounces too much! As a bonus, you can hide there even debated.

  2.   'Here's the deal – I 2 C? Ter, have both gl? Cklich Chew, is one, however, one destroyed? Rendes chewer. My challenge is to find toys that have both? Can en k ', however, is to take my notebook to Tzeni sch?. My right energy chewer chews through toys Kong. & # XD; I 've had this toy f r? More than a month and enjoyed? S exists and shows no signs of damage! The k? What you can Cave Gro? Food use in his pocket and if S 'Negro? E 'enough, it won' t fall out until the puppies that have licked a protuberance. I like to use for playback Jumbones, which is cut into three parts. & # XD, I commend all the toys West paw, because its structure is sufficiently soft and Spa? f? r take the dog to be still strong enough to abuse.

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