All About the Akita Dog Breed

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The : A brave and loyal companion

, also referred to as the Inu or the , is a Japanese that is known for its bravery. This dog typically grows to about 24 to 28 inches and typically weighs between 75 and 110 pounds. Their coats come in a variety of colors from snow white to brindle. Their coats can also be a solid color or they can have a face mask.

Behavior, training and characteristics of the

The temperament of the is generally bold and brave. They are known for not being afraid of anything. Because of this they are great watch and guard dogs. While this is aggressive they are very loyal and protective of their families. If you have a multi-pet family then you will want to raise the Akita with your other pets. They are generally aggressive towards small animals and people that they are not yet familiar with. They are a very intelligent breed that can learn quickly, however, it is important to start their training early and to remain consistent with rules and discipline throughout their life.

Health care and grooming for the

To care for this breed you will need to brush their fur coat daily. They shed their coats two times a year. During their shedding periods you may want to pluck their coat to avoid matting fur and skin problems. This is a moderately active breed that will need daily exercise to stay fit, happy and healthy.

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