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tooth is essential for your dog’s dental hygiene and after your dog reaches the age of two to three years plus, dog tooth cleaning will become more and more essential as your dog grows up. 

Every time your dog has a bowl of food or some treats (some treats help with cleaning teeth) some of the food gets stuck around the gums and mouth of the dog. This food then turns into plaque and after staying there for a short period of time of about one to three days, this plaque turns into tartar which is a key element in gum and mouth diseases which can put your dog in a lot f pain. 

To combat these diseases you will need to get rid of the plaque and you do this in much the same way as us humans do it, witch is by brushing them. are a little bit trickier to deal with than humans so training will be needed. 

First you need to get your dog to sit using the commands learnt on this site. If you cannot do this yet then it should be taught first. Start by gently breaking your dog into the habit of you playing with their teeth and around the mouth area by rubbing a tasty nice tasting treat around the teeth and mouth, if your dog acts well and lets you do it you should reward him/her for their patience with a treat every time. 

After your dog is comfortable with you playing with their teeth, start to do the same but with dog toothpaste so they get used to the taste and sensation. When you and your dog are comfortable with you using your finger instead of a toothbrush its time to make the swap to the real thing. 

To brush effectively you should move the dog toothbrush in circular motions to dislodge plaque and start from the back teeth working your way to the front, don’t be too rough with your dog and always try to keep it fun for them and you shouldn’t have too many problems.

For more information visit our dog training website at this link. . . Dog Training

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