Where Can I Find Authentic Diamond Dog Collars?

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A reader asked..
I am looking for a wholesaler of authentic dog collars to provide me with diamond collars for a HIGH END boutique that I am opening.

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    • Tony Dearest
    • September 13, 2009

    May as well open a custom jewelry shop and have the collars made individually.
    Sorry Tony I already ordered the entire first stock.

    • John B
    • September 13, 2009

    Can I preorder 10 of them?
    Diamonds are very special to any dog!!!
    My dog needs them more than yours!!!!
    Good eve to you :))

    • dazed&co
    • September 13, 2009

    dude no1 is going to buy a diamond dog collar

    • parrotbo
    • September 13, 2009

    Try ebay…

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