The Affenpinscher’s Early Days In His New Home

The Affenpinscher’s Early Days In His New Home

The develops a very strong attachment to his owner or owners. How the Affenpinscher develops depends a great deal upon the care he receives as a young puppy. One of the first things you should do for your new is make him feel secure and comfortable with his new family.

Your breeder probably provided you with a health record showing all immunization vaccinations given to the Affenpinscher puppy prior to the sale. Some states such as California, Florida and Texas require breeders to provide a proof of health on sale of a dog.

As soon as possible after bringing your new Affenpinscher puppy you should take him to be examined by a veterinarian and finish the series of shots began by the breeder. These shots usually consist of vaccines for infectious hepatitis, distemper, leptospirosis, paraintiuenza and parvovirus. The frequency and combination of vaccines differs from vet to vet. If the Affenpinscher is to be entered into shows the vet may want to give him immunization against bordatella (kennel cough) and corona. Follow the advice of your own personal veterinarian.

Take a stool sample with you for the first visit. If you live in a climate where heartworm is a concern ask your vet about heartworm preventative. Most often the monthly heartworm preventative will also prevent other parasite infestations.

Once you have established care with a trusted veterinarian and your Affenpinscher puppy seems content in his new home work on a regular schedule of diet, housebreaking and other rules of your own particular household. Allow the Affenpinscher puppy to settle in properly. Do not make any sudden changes in his diet. If you do not want to feed what the breeder fed your Affenpinscher puppy make changes gradually. Sudden changes in diet sometimes results in diarrhea or the Affenpinscher puppy may refuse to eat the new food.

If you choose to show your Affenpinscher with cropped ears you should have the cropping performed by a qualified veterinarian or an individual recommended by your breeder. The ears are usually cropped when the Affenpinscher is anywhere from eight weeks to four or five months.

Crate training is recommended for . You will need to purchase a small airline kennel or a small housebreaking crate. Provide your Affenpinscher puppy with soft clean bedding in the crate and fresh drinking water preferably from a water bottle. Training you Affenpinscher puppy should start . Do not feel that crating your Affenpinscher puppy is cruel. Dogs by nature are den animals and many find refuge in their crates, a special place of their own to rest and sleep. An Affenpinscher puppy that has been crated will travel easier and more happily.

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