Our Little Kitty Gets A New Dog Toy

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This is our African serval whacking the new make sure it is dead first. Servals their arms like clubs to kill their prey. This serval has whacked me across the head before, and it came s. . .

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    • xr6atmo
    • September 11, 2009

    hmm, yer, good on me, read the description dummy. LOL. Thanks for the heads up regarding the legal system. :)Just thought it was a pretty cat and I’ve always had cats, it would be nice to have something a little more unique. I’m in Australia though, might be tough to get one anyway. xxx

    • LittleMissSorrow666
    • September 11, 2009

    lol i know what you mean, i want one but their so expensive,around 3000$ alot of money for a cat, but i can see why X3 i really want a sphynx as well X3 a bald cat and those go for aroun 1500$ X_X still expensive

    • XxXcutekittyXxX121
    • September 11, 2009

    LMAO this made me lol 😛

    • Dostanio
    • September 11, 2009

    LOL nice looking cat

    • HeyItsHopz
    • September 11, 2009

    it is a serval…and they are a wonderful.

    • KrankeNonne1
    • September 11, 2009

    Wow…expensive kitty O.oBut so beautiful *.*

    • ultimateearner
    • September 11, 2009

    Pay 3000 -10000 for a pet serval or 6000-22000 for a breeding serval at some very exclusive exotic pet breeders.

    • KrankeNonne1
    • September 11, 2009

    How you can get a serval as a pet???? O.o

    • tickan138
    • September 11, 2009

    what a beautiful cat

    • theeFri
    • September 11, 2009

    *squeek* Serval: OMFG!! its not dead! ….Is it? O_oThis made me giggle XD

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