Controlling Dog Chewing Problems

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When you leave the house do you return to find your pup or has been busy chewing on your stuff? If that's the case, you will need to train your dog  to stop chewing your things right away.

It is easy to figure out why puppies and young are potentially so destructive. We should use ability to understand why a puppy is chewing to help control the damage.While the puppies are in their teething stage, they experience a lot of discomfort, and need to chew on things because of this. That is why younger dogs, up to about age 3, are more likely to be problem chewers than an older dog. However, a dog of any age may chew just to be doing something to  pass the . If your dog is bored and maybe feeling a little lonely, or perhaps just under exercised, chewing gives him something to do–just like some other dogs spend their free time digging up the yard to pass the time of day. Whatever the reason may be, it is a problem that you can solve.

Here are some tips on how to stop dog chewing problems at your house.

  • The very easiest method is to dog-proof your house by keeping your pet outside in the enclosed yard-at least when you are away and can't supervise what he's getting into. If you would rather keep your dog inside the house, (or if he has a doggy door and can enter at will), you'll need to be sure to keep desirable chewable items out of reach of your dog. Just by using your common sense, you'll stop a lot of damage through the simple act of closing all the house's inner doors. Keep your shoes in a closed closet. Likewise keep your remote controls, books, cell phones, etc., out of reach by putting up on a higher shelf. Of course, be certain to keep all your foodstuff put away in the cabinets and out of reach. For a larger size dog, obviously you will have to put things higher up to keep out of his reach. Keep in mind your dog can stand up to get at something to chew, so make sure to place it high enough to remain out of his reach.
  • Give your pet a few alternative items to work out his chewing needs on.A great way to save slippers is to provide some chew toys for your pet to ravish. My pets have a called the Kong, and this has become their favorite chewable. The Kong is fun for the pet to chew-it is a sort of strange looking ball that features a hollow center that you can put some peanut butter or some other treat into. My dogs will spend a long time trying to get at the treat inside. Besides being a great chew toy, the Kong's odd shape makes it bounce erratically, so it is a fun fetch toy, too. Besides the Kong, provide some other chew toys too, so he has a few different items to play with and chew on. Now that he is chewing on an acceptable chew toy, the puppy chewing your stuff up will be much less of a problem.
  • On the occasions when you catch your puppy chewing something he shouldn't, stop him right away. Clap your hands together loudly, and say “no”. This will get the dog to pay attention. This will surely let him know he is goofing up. You want his attention, but don't make it negative-no hitting or yelling. The point is to correct him, not to scare him. Staying calm, you should go to the puppy or dog and trade him his Kong (or other chew toy) for whatever you want to save from his teeth. Immediately after he puts that in his mouth praise him big time. He'll start to get the idea that while some things are OK to chew on,  others aren't. Your puppy has learned that praise feels and treats taste good, so he'll want to do things that earn him praise and a treat, rather than corrections. Sort of like us people. Don't punish your dog for something that happened previously-for example, he chewed up your shoe while you were at work. It is only OK to correct your dog if you catch him in the act of doing something wrong. They don't understand what you are saying of course, so punishing them hours after chewing up your shoes won't make the right impression and will not help to stop you dog from chewing your shoes the next time he feels like it. Correcting too late, will not help, and in fact will just serve to confuse your dog.

I sure hope these tips will help you save your things from the sharp teeth of your puppy or dog. For more advice and tips on and problem solving for your dog please click here

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