Quick Tips for Dog Agility Training

One of the biggest difficulties have when they begin a dog agility training program is getting their to stay. The command ‘stay’ is a basic one but it can be challenging. Although stay is a crucial command, not only for show , but for everyday , staying still is simply not in a dog’s nature. So, how does one teach their dog to stay exactly where we want them to stay?

Dogs are much like children; they will always test their boundaries. I know how hard it can be to resist the extreme cuteness of the classic puppy dog eyes but if you don’t stick to your guns, your dog will see you as weak and consistently disobey. You absolutely must correct your dog every they move after you have given the stay command. During a dog show it is very awkward to have a dog that does not remain steady after being told to do so.

As was mentioned above, Dogs just do not like to stay still, this fact is both a negative and a positive at the same time. It is a negative because it makes it difficult to train your dog to stay still, but it is a positive because it can be harness as a reward. You can reward your dog not only with treats for staying still, but also by allowing it to run.

Agility traing for dogs is for the dogs and their masters, whether the dogs are show dogs or . Lack of sufficient exercise is always conducive to bad behavior on the part of dogs. ensures that the dog gets all the exercise it must rightly have, and taking the dog out for the walk gives its owner also sufficient exercise. That does not mean that the dog owner should keep pace with the dogs in running, and agility might actually even be more suitable for those who do not have much outside exercises because after all it is the dog which will be running and not the master.

Being a dog owner myself, I know that the regular old walk isn’t very exciting, but taking your dog to the park to engage in some agility training can be an excellent motivator. You can bond best with a dog by agility training, where a dog can jump and caper with full freedom in its instinctive natural way, instead of being towed on the streets at the end of a leash with its clumsy, eager master.

When all is said and done, it is good to use agility training as a starting point in , whether you are doing the job professionally or just as the owner of a lovely pooch.

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