Top Ideas to Trim Dog Costs

  Top Ideas to Trim Dog Costs

Living through the credit crunch is difficult enough, but when you have which depend on you for nourishment, shelter and veterinary attention, anything that can be done, helps. It's a shame that many are given up or abandoned every day, as dog owners fight to cope with the current economic climate. This is especially thorny for animal charities who have look after animals when money is limited, surviving on contributions to keep their in good health. Here are a few points which should help make owning a dog on a budget more manageable: 1. Consider every dog expenditure? Do you need that specific animal food or product? Is a own label as good as Perdigree? It is always a good idea to bring dogs up with variety, both dry and wet, as well as different brands and flavours. Keep an eye on special deals. You can stock up. Think of vouchers, search on the net for some promotions. Buy based on price per pound / Kg, as sometimes, particularly with special deals, the smaller pack may be more economical. 2. Wherever possible, owners can often club together to buy feed and bedding in bulk, reducing the total price and passing on savings to all. 3. Vets bills are unknown but must be considered. If money's a little tight, you may find a lot of Vets will consider spreading the costs, and pay monthly. If you can, afford it - have or keep insurance. 4. Can you modify the way you live? It's not all about finding ways to keep your dog more economically, see if you can do it for yourself! 5. Can you earn some cash? Why not offer to walk other peoples dog? Become a . Professional companies will require you do it regularly. Another alternative is to become a pet sitter, though good companies such as London Pet Sitting will require you also to do dog walking in London. 6. Do not forget your other pets, you may have put your cats in a cattery, what about using a cat sitter? The pet may prefer it and the pet sitters often do other things. 7. Do use external stabling or boarding? Most horses can live quite happily outside for most of the year, as long as there's food, water and protection to harsh elements available. Could this be an option for your horse, it should reduce the cost of stabling significantly. 8. Are you thinking of choosing an animal, please think about taking an animal from a charity, they are suffering at the moment. Enjoy your pet, they are worth the cost.

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