I Want a Sociable Puppy

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As mans best friend, we want our darling pooch to be well mannered in the varied social situations it finds itself. This guidance needs to start whilst the hound is young. We want the fido  not to be worried or aggressive towards people or other animals. is a key part of dog care.
Research at showed that the three months are critical, and the easiest for socialisation. For many puppies this time is tackled by the breeder. After that initial 3 months it is still key, but takes more time and effort and planning. This is also the experience of professional dog sitters who are regularly asked for pointers.
are just like us, if the first experience is agonising, we will keep away from or be worried at similar occasions, soone step at a time. Do not force the puppy. If in doubt, stop and do it again later. Yound pups rapidly tire and need their sleep, so do new things for short periods and give plenty of rest in between.
So what approach should I take?
• Invite people, any friends and family, petit, large, varied looking, different sexes. Be careful and vigilant with introductions to children.
•  Introduce him to a collar and then a leash. Just put the collar on, later attach the leash and let him wander around the house, then you can take him for a walk around the house. Carefully choose a lightweight buckle collar with a puppy.
• Visit your families and friend and families in their homes.
• Try and introduce different dogs, especially other sociable, healthy and vaccinated fidos. Be careful until the puppy is fully vaccinated, meeting  that you do not know.
• If you know people with pooch friendly cats, organise a visit?
• Meet other animals, do you have a friendly farm near you? Difficult in towns, but if you go away for holidays.
• Driving is key. So take bitch out for as many practical short drives in the car. Stop and let him observe the world pass by, in the security of the car. This helps with him getting used to loud noises. Initiate him to other shrill noises such as drills.
•  Lug or walk him to places where there is local activity such as shops and parks. Find a café or seat where you can sit outside with your dog and watch the world go by. Loads of people will introduce themselves to him.
• Introduce your pooch to activities in the home, paying attention to safety, house work, cooking and gardening.
• Puppy grooming, a great time for you and him, start a routine as soon as possible of brushing, bathing and inspection.
•  Introduce the puppy to stairs carefully, if you are a typical town flat owner, this may be problematic.

Dog socialisation, start today and have a superb .


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