Stop Puppy Biting

 It’s amazing how much it hurts when those puppies get a hold of you with those . We need to eliminate this nasty little habit of biting before it goes any further. In order to different methods may have to be tried. Any bad habits must not be rewarded. In order for your puppy to grow up to be the best that he can be it is our responsibility to help him. is never “” or “bad” it’s just behavior. Stopping habits like biting needs to be done no matter how difficult the task.

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When puppies play, they bite because that is the way they have always done it. It is probably the problem every new owner will have to overcome because it is so common for puppies to nip and bite. All new puppies take part in this behavior, but as a new member of your family actions will need to be taken to control it.

“NO, no biting” with a sharp tap on the nose is an action that can be taken when he grabs a hold of your hand or ankle. The habit of biting will only be encouraged if the tap on the nose is done to softly. A timid correction has no value, and the bad behavior could become worse. One good tap on the muzzle, that gets the puppies attention could stop puppy biting. Another option is, when the puppy bites, grab a hold of his muzzle with your hand, and while holding it shut say in a firm voice “NO, NO BITE”, this lets him know that the biting is the bad behavior. Some pups catch on pretty fast and some of them, well you will just have to be patient. A verbal correction should be all that is needed once he understands what is expected of him. You will be grateful later on down the line that you taught him what the word NO means, especially when he starts testing his teeth on your new pair of shoes.

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Doggy bones and chew toys have been used successfully in helping keep the pup from chewing up your stuff. When the teething stage hits he is going to need something to chew and bite on so the chew toys get to serve another purpose. Choose the right kind of toys that can hang in there for a long under the intense gnawing pressure of your puppies sharp little teeth. Do not get toys that are to small because they can get stuck in the puppies throat.

Any biting while rough housing with your pup needs to be discouraged at this young age or otherwise it will become more difficult to stop puppy biting. It does not matter what tactic you use you need to remember that it is going to take some time. The biting stage is one of those things that every puppy is going to go through. Don’t worry though, you will be able to get through the biting stage, just stay firm and patient.

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