Be Creative to Make Dog Training Exercises Fun For You and Your Dog

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should be enjoyable for you and your dog, although unfortunately many dog owners don't see it that way. Dog training exercises should be fun and satisfying – both for you and your dog. And they will be as long you do things in the right way.

Dogs get cranky just like us. And they probably won't perform for a reward if they aren't in the mood. However, if your training sessions are always fun, if you try and sneak in some training during play or make a game of it, training will be more effective and stay positive.

Getting consistency in your dog responding to the come command isn't easy but it is one of the most important things to teach. Dogs love to explore new things and they won't necessarily come when you call if something else seems more interesting. Continual practice of the recall is the only way you can ensure your dog. Sounds like a chore doesn't it? Well, it's fun in our house - the kids discovered a fantastic [wonderful] way to get a consistent response when we give the come command. And that, is hide and seek!

Make Dog Training Fun - Use Games

Prepare some chicken dog peices or whatever treat your dog loves and pick a time when he's a little hungry. Make him stay and then go hide somewhere out of his site. Entertain yourself - hide behind a door - behind some furniture - in a closet - make your dog work to find you. Then call him. He’ll come running. If you've really found a cool place, it's going to take a couple of minutes to find you. It’s hilarious watching them sniff around, run into a room and then out looking! And when he does find you, of course give him the treat!

The kids adore doing this. The howls of joy and laughter are plain wonderful - for everyone. Your dog is re-enforcing the conditioned response of coming when her [his] name is called and its FUN. An added bonus of getting the kids to do this as well is that your dog is learning to come when all members of the family call – not just you. This is a exercise for adults as well so don't worry about feeling silly. You might feel a bit silly at , but you'll laugh when your dog catches you standing in the closet with a chicken dog in your hand! You may even feel a bit younger!

Training Should Progress Logically

Of course, this isn’t the first dog training exercise you need to master. You have to teach them to pay attention to you first. And you should probably do some homework and consult one of the better dog obedience training books. However, the training is going to be fun if you look for ways to make it fun. For your dog, your family, and you.

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