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Brushing and grooming a dog is not as simple as it sounds. If you think you can use any of the several types of brushes available to groom and brush your dog, you will be so wrong. Each of the grooming tools available in the market is meant for a specific use, and a understanding about the specific application is necessary to make grooming easier for you.

have the expertise to groom your dog in a better way than you can manage. The expert dog groomers would use slicker brushes to remove mats and tangles from the dog's fur for all types of dog coats. A would remove from the undercoat and = coarser hairs from the outer coat of the dog's fur.

There are various kinds of brushes which are used for grooming and brushing:

Undercoat rakes:

Undercoat rakes are useful for that shed. The brush has one row of metal prongs which remove the dead hairs from the dog's undercoat. To remove hairs from the soft loose undercoat of your dog, you should use an which is especially designed for this purpose.

Undercoat rakes remove the loose hairs without disturbing the longer hairs in your dog's upper coat. During the of the year when your dog starts to shed, an undercoat rake becomes very useful to keep your dog from shedding, and it also helps to maintain skin health by gently stimulating circulation to the skin and removing dead skin.

Thoughtful consideration of  Dog grooming brush by looking at   a insightful review is always recommended.

Wire-pin brushes:

The wire-pin brush is an excellent tool for general grooming of small to large . The loose hair in your dog's coat is lifted out smoothly by this brush, taking out the debris from the fur. Brushing your dog every day, or at least every alternate day, keeps the skin of your dog healthy, while distributing the oil present in the hairs evenly through-out the dog's coat.

You can also use the wire-pin brush to remove the fluff from your dog's coat by brushing against the direction of hair growth. Wire-pin brushes are available with or without rubber ended tips, and these brushes are mostly preferred for dogs with medium to long hair and those with curly or woolly coats.

Slicker brushes:

These brushes are essentially used to remove mats and tangles from your dog's coat, and as you brush your dog the brush helps to remove dead hairs. Slicker brush gently stimulates the skin of your dog as the layers of the dead skin are taken out leaving the blood to circulate evenly. A slicker brush is often used at the end of grooming and brushing, giving a finished shining appearance to your dog's fur.

There are various sizes of slicker brush available for the larger to smaller dogs. Slicker brushes are generally made from thin metal wire mounted on a soft padded material, looking somewhat like a hair brush. The soft padded material on which the wires are mouthed ensures that the dog does not get hurt as the brush is used.


Brushing your dog helps to remove dead hairs from your dog's coat and clean the surface free of parasite as well. Brushing also helps to keep away fleas, and while you brush you can check for the physical appearance of the animal.

While you groom and brush your dog you can easily find out of presence of any unusual bundle, or bald spot which you may take care of immediately. As you brush your dog as frequently as every day or every other day, you slowly build up a bond between you two, and brushing would become a friendly invitation for your dog.

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