Yellow Labradors and Exercise

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This question came up awhile ago (I’m behind). The quick answer is “pretty much the same kind of any Labrador Retriever should get.” The long answer is…

About Yellow Labs

may range in colour from fox-red to light cream; generally have black pigment on the nose, lips and eye rims; and the eye color is usually . Some Yellow Labradors that are so pale they appear white, but they are still considered to be yellow and will usually have some color, even if it is only on the ear tips. There does not seem to be major differences in behavior or temperament in the black or yellow Labradors, so their exercise requirements should follow suit.

Labs are generally voracious eaters, and seldom know when to stop. My lab-mix wolfs down his food, and then tries to steal food from the other . Since they are pretty stout dogs to begin with, labs put on pounds quickly if overfed and/or under-exercised.

Field vs. Show

There are two distinct “lines” of Labradors: field lines and show lines. Field Labradors have been bred with an emphasis on field or hunting ability, and show Labradors have been bred with an emphasis on conformation and temperament. Dogs from field lines will generally have a lot of drive, and will often exhibit more energy. So, ask yourself, does the dog come from a field or a show line? This may impact the “total” amount of exercise required by your particular dog.


In general, they take to swimming quite naturally, and will often swim for hours on end. Show-bred labs are heavier, slightly shorter-bodied, and have a thicker coat and tail. Swimming in deep water too long might tire them out too much too soon. Field labs are generally longer legged,lighter, and more lithe in build. They may be a bit more adept at swimming, and may be able to continue longer than their show counterparts.

If you have access to a lake, pond, ditch, or creek; invest in a floating toy or hunting dummy and throw it far enough out into the water so the dog has to swim for it. Don’t worry, he’ll quickly learn to bring it back for another turn (they aren’t called “Retrievers” for nothing). You’ll be amazed just how long they can keep this simple game up.


It is generally considered a good to take energetic dogs on two walks per day – preferable morning and then evening. This should be started when the dog is a pup. (It’s also a great time to work on obedience with the leash). Some Labs may require/prefer one walk a day and another “play” session. Get to know your dog and soon you’ll know what he/she wants and needs.


Every dogs’ favorite time of the day. Labradors love to chase just about anything and fetch it back to you. The fetching instinct is built in, it just needs a bit of encouragement from you. Frisbees are great for chasing, but watch out – labs are not generally high-flyers like the known agility or frisbee dogs. Most labs seem to like play “tug” with a rope or old sock, but in my experience it doesn’t seem to interest them very long.


Ensuring they get proper exercise, , and attention will give you a happy, healthy Yellow Labrador .

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