Finding Quality Dog Grooming and Dog Boarding

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When it comes to boarding, it's important to remember that you can find quality care, whether it's Ann Arbor dog boarding or Albuquerque. It's probably easy to find Ann Arbor dog grooming, but have you considered how difficult it is to find good in YOUR town?

Do your due diligence prior to retaining dog boarding services. Emergencies are just that; they're unexpected, so be prepared to provide care for your when they happen.

There are some easy steps to follow when you're determining the right dog boarding facility. Quality dog will have reasonable hours of operation, scheduled daily exercise for the , socialization with other dogs (if appropriate), regular feeding and medication delivery, and comprehensive emergency procedures. If your pet has health problems that require special attention, be sure the dog boarding facility is equipped to handle his needs.

Call ahead and schedule your tour of a dog boarding facility. Ask questions over the phone; it's a good idea to choose the ones that are deal-breakers, so that you don't waste a visit if the facility is unable to meet your needs. No need to make a trip if they don't offer as much exercise as you want, or are unable to accommodate your special needs. Some high-end facilities may offer other services, such as .

When you're on your tour of a dog boarding facility, be sure to check to be sure proper licenses are maintained and displayed. It's always a good idea to check with your local Better Bureau to determine whether other clients are pleased with their service. Obviously, take a look around and note whether the rooms are clean and tidy. If you're near water, it isn't a bad idea to note whether or not the building is in a flood zone. If they do dog grooming as well, be sure to have a look at the work the facility does, and that it is satisfactory for your needs.

Each of these things are important to think about when you select the facility that will handle your dog boarding and dog grooming. Whether it's Ann Arbor dog boarding, , or Albuquerque, quality facilities are nearby, you just have to do the legwork to find them!

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