Q/A: Size of a Pomeranian Brain

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According to the first chart below, a is approximately 1/125 of his total . Since an adult weighs in at roughly 5 pounds (breed standard is between 3-7 lbs), the weight of a brain should be “about” .65-.70 ounces (or 19-20 grams). For comparison, your “average” small egg weighs about an ounce and a half. So, if the Pom’s brain is similar in density to a small egg, the “” should be something like 1/3 of a small egg (a brazil nut size – maybe?).

Species E/S ratio Species E/S ratio
small birds 1/12 lion 1/550
human 1/40 elephant 1/560
mouse 1/40 horse 1/600
cat 1/100 shark 1/2496
1/125 hippopotamus 1/2789
frog 1/172 (Kuhlenbeck, 735)

Note that a cat’s brain is 1/100 it’s body weight. A 7 pound (3300 gram) cat has a brain roughly 2 inches (5 cm) in length and weighs about 1 ounce (30 grams). It would seem the cat should be “smarter”. However, according to chart

Species EQ Species EQ
Man 7.44 Cat 1.00
Dolphin 5.31 Horse 0.86
Chimpanzee 2.49 Sheep 0.81
Rhesus Monkey 2.09 Mouse 0.50
Elephant 1.87 Rat 0.40
Whale 1.76 Rabbit 0.40
1.17 (Macphail, 243)

which measures encephalization quotient (EQ), the “slightly” beats the cat. The conclusion would be that does not necessarily equate to intelligence. Interesting.

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