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There are many different punishments to get your to understand the difference between right and wrong to learn, and there are a lot of , they say that their method is the best way to do this, or another type of , whether positive or negative, the penalty is better than the method that has xe2 & #, & # x80; & # x99; using again now. & # XD; Dogs need to punish in order to continue and what is acceptable and what is not, without some form of punishment to teach there would be no way to show your dog these things and not their training. & # XD; There are two types of punishment for the dog, there is and . Positive is the penalty that put the penalty if your dog something, for example, give a tug on the leash or verbal correction. is when your dog needs something to take away or expect as festivals or games, or that the dog is taken away from you. & # XD, I am convinced that a moderately should not be used or not, serious violations of your dog and xe2 #, & # x80; & # x99; s safety and health can be transmitted application or by using false positive penalty occur. There are the operation of dog training, which can not be completed by the negative penalty is used. & # XD; For dogs, the safety claims, speaks only negative sentences and penalties on dogs that I use and for your dog is completely safe. 9 of 10 positive punishments to make your dog, similar in nature to other people or to the owner to respond. When you use positive punishment, which is – to use a cane to consult before proceeding. & # XD; The most popular and some of the best negative punishment are listed below and be within 10 seconds of crime are used, you can set for each emotion and to have in order to avoid confusion and, # xD; Time out: & # xD; Take your dog in a room of other members of the family and any attention for a short period has been truncated. & # XD; Take away toys & # xD; Stop the dog any toys for a short period. & # XD; Ignore your dog: & # xD; They totally ignore your dog for a period of time, so you do not have attention, noise, or contact with eyes. & # XD; N. Celebrations: & # xD; Don & xe2 #, & # x80; & # x99; t give your dog treatment, which usually has eaten for good behavior would

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