The Beagle Puppy

The Beagle Puppy

The was considered to be the most popular dog during the 1950’s
in the United States. first originated in the eleventh century when was known for bringing the Talbot hound to Great Britain. The Talbot Hound was a scent hound, white in color that is thought to be an ancestor of the Beagle. The Talbot hound is now extinct. Another link to the evolution of the Beagle is the black and tan Irish . This type of dog was a small game hunter. The Beagle has such a strong sense of smell because of this particular ancestry.

A Beagle reaches a maximum height of thirteen to sixteen inches. Usually a full grown Beagle weighs between eighteen and thirty pounds. The coat of the Beagle is usually a combination of colors including black, tan, white, red, blue mottle and lemon. The coat of the Beagle is dense and short. One interesting fact about the Beagle’s coat is that it is weatherproof.Thisandotherpersonality traits is why the Beagle makes an excellent hunting companion.

The Beagle requires very little grooming. This type of dog is goodwithchildren and other pets. The Beagle is best kept indoors. A Beagle hasahigher energy level so this type of dog usually needs to be walked on
a daily basis.

The Beagle was original used as a rabbit or hare hunting dog. Nowadays, the Beagle is used as a gundog or in field trials or as a loyal companion. The Beagle is recognized by the American Kennel Club and classified as a Hound.

A Beagle is an excellent pet that requires very little maintenance. The Beagle is most happy when interacting with humans or other pets. This type of dog is loyal, loving and has a big heart.

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