Q/A: Golden Retriever Agility

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Question: How good are at agility?

Answer: Pretty darn good. The following chart ranks different agility according to AKC statistics (wins, etc).

  1. Australian Shepherd
  2. Shetland Sheepdog
  3. Golden
  4. Belgian Tervuren
  5. Belgian Malinois
  6. Flat-Coated Retriever
  7. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  8. Doberman Pinscher
  9. Canaan Dog
  10. English Springer Spaniel
  11. Standard Poodle
  12. Papillon
  13. Miniature Schnauzer

You’ll notice that once we get past the herding breeds (who are naturals at agility), Golden come in at the top. They are very intelligence and trainable (depending on the source – either 3rd or 4th in obedience overall), althletic, and their size is not too large to become a hindrance (Labradors are generally bulkier and therefore slower in general).

I’ve included two videos of Golden performing agility runs. You’ll notice a long stride and good jumping/climbing ability. The turns are not as tight and seem bit clumsier than your average Border Collie, but that probably does not affect total course times all that much. Both Golden seem to be having great fun, though! (And that’s a huge part of agility).

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    • VR
    • February 1, 2008

    Hello to all,
    Anyone interested in a fast golden retriever for agility training. Sorry, I’m not giving her away, but you can borrow her. She is fast. Loves to run. I take her to a dog run and she gets all the dogs running and beats them all. People have said. Wow! you should get her into agility training. Just 4 years old in her prime and smart. email me at theladycompany@optonline.net. Her name is Lady.

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