Puppy Biting – How To Stop It

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Why Puppies Bite

There are certain elements of behaviour that you need to teach your schnauzer as soon as possible and one of them is not to bite. If you want to stop puppy biting in its tracks, you need to be able to identify why your schnauzer puppy bites and teach him or her not to do so in relation to this. There are six reasons why all puppies tend to bite from six months to a year old, and all six need to be looked at before you can stop puppy biting. They are as follows:


  • Puppies explore their surrounding area to become familiar with objects and the texture of furniture in the room

  • Puppy bites to help ease the pain of teething, as babies tend to do when they are teething

  • Puppy has to strengthen his or her jaws and the new teeth that have come through

  • Some puppies have an unbalanced diet that is not nutritionally supportive of their needs and so will chew in an attempt to balance it

  • If puppy is bored,  he or she will often bite objects and even people or other dogs just to have something to do

  • Your puppy will bite if it is feeling threatened as a way to protect itself


If you want to stop puppy biting then it is necessary to identify which issues your schnauzer puppy is dealing with. Then you can do what is necessary to solve the problem spots. Boredom is easy to solve but if other problems are the cause of puppy bitting, you need to remove quickly remove the problems using these tips.


  • Start to stop puppy biting as soon as possible. It can actually start as soon as you get your puppy and this is actually desirable as it establishes you as the alpha dog in the house as well.
  • Be patient while you train your puppy not to bite. Depending on the dog and his or her nature, you may find that it can take weeks to stop your puppy from biting, or months in some cases. So, be patient and repeat the training as often as possible to achieve success.

  • Your dog needs to learn the “off” command. This is also known as the “Leave It” command. It is designed to keep your dog away from an object that he or she is not allowed to touch and this in turn will prevent biting.

  • When your dog has been fully vaccinated, it should be socialized so it gets along with other dogs instead of behaving agressively!


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