10 Small Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds that don’t Bark

Welcoming a pet into your home as a friend for a lifetime Is always a dreamy milestone to achieve. But if you are someone who starts to show allergic reactions as soon as you come in contact with the pet, then this dreamy situation can turn into a Nightmare. So, if you are facing this problem, then this article is for you as here in this article, we will let you know 10 small, dog breeds that don't for you to know and decide.

What does mean?

If you are looking for a pet dog to buy or adopt but you are easily affected by allergies, and someone has suggested use to welcome a hypoallergenic dog into your home, then you might be wondering what hypoallergenic dog is exactly? And is it the best solution for you?

Hypoallergenic are the best choice for people who easily get affected, but that does not mean these dogs will be completely free from all types of allergies. According to some professionals, the word hypoallergenic is used for those breeds that have a minimum risk of stimulating allergies to other people.

Allergies are caused by the dander which can be found on a dogs skin, so to tackle this situation, most people prefer to get a small dog for themselves as small dog will have less dander on their skin and thus you will have a less chance to get affected by it.

So here are 10 small, hypoallergenic dog breeds that don not bark for you to see and decide.

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Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Bichon has one of the most playful personalities on this list; they are full of energy and are known as excellent companions because of their loyal and loving nature. Because of their playful personality, these dogs are loved by children too.

Bichon is a hypoallergenic breed, and that is why they don nott shed a lot; these dogs just need to be regularly brushed and groomed, and their cotton-like white coat will be as good as new.

These breeds don not bark unnecessarily, but if they start barking, it is mostly because they need you to give them more attention.

Height. 9.5-12 inches tall.
Life expectancy. 14-15 years.
Weight. 12-18 pounds.

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Shih Tzu:

Shi Tzu
Shih Tzu initially originated from Tibet and is known as an Asian toy dog breed.

These dogs get along with every age group, and because of their affectionate and happy nature, they are loved mainly by children.

Shih Tzu is a hypoallergenic dog, and they do not shed a lot; on the other hand, their long double coat needs to be regularly maintained and groomed after every few months.

Because of their size, they are ideal for apartments and easily adjust anywhere.

Height. Male 20-28 cm and female 20-28 cm
Life expectancy. 10-18 years.
Weight. 9-16 pounds.

Coton de Tulear:

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Coton de Tulear

is named after the city of Tulear in Madagascar, and that is why they are also known as the royal dog of Madagascar.

Cotons have a loving nature, and because of their nature, they share an extremely tight bond with the owners.

Cotons are known for their white soft cotton coats, and yes, they are hypoallergenic dogs, so if you are looking for a cute loyal for lifetime pet, this is it. Because of their coat, they just need to be groomed and combed well.

Height. 10-11 inches male and 9-10 inches female
Life expectancy. 15-19 years.
Weight. 9-15 pounds male and 8-13 pounds female.

Miniature Schnauzer:

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer initially originated in Germany. As you can already know by its name, the miniature schnauzer is the smallest schnauzer in the schnauzer family.

The miniature schnauzer is a friendly dog and is easy to train. They have a lot of energy stored in their small body, and that is why children love to play with them.

They are hypoallergenic dogs, and that is why they do not shed, but their thick double coat needs to be groomed every now and then.

Height. .12-14 inches for both males and females.
Life expectancy. 12-15 years.
Weight. 11-20 pounds.



The poodle is a Smartest Small Dog breed that is available in three sizes toy poodle, Miniature size poodle, and Standard size poodle. The original poodle standard-sized poodle was originally originated from Germany; the other two sizes were bred.

Poodles are very loveable and have an athletic nature; they have a lot of energy stored in their toy size body.

Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs and are best for those who have an allergy as they do not shed a lot, but they need to be groomed regularly because of their coat.

Height. .Not more than 10 inches.
Life expectancy. 10-18 years if properly taken care of.
Weight. 4-6 pounds.

Yorkshire Terrier:

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier is the smallest dog of terrier breed; these dogs originally originated in Yorkshire, England.

Yorkshire terrier is a toy-size pet, but they are very brave despite their size, which is why they are known as excellent watchdogs. They are feisty and like to be bossy sometimes.

Yorkshire terrier is a hypoallergenic dog; despite their long silky hair, they do not shed much, but their long silky hair needs to be groomed and combed regularly.

Height. 7-8 inches
Life expectancy. 11-15 years.
Weight. 7 pounds.



originated in Germany and is also known as a monkey terrier. These pets have funny and confident nature; these pets love to play with any age group.

Affenpinscher is a hypoallergenic dog, and they shed do not a lot, so there is no harm for those people who have allergies.

Height. 23-30 cm.
Life expectancy. 12-14 years.
Weight. 2.9-6 kg.



are one of the most beautiful dogs on this list. These pets are known because of their long-length coat. Maltese is purely a lap dog, and they are always on the lookout to get their owners undivided attention. But if they are not getting enough attention, they tend to bark a lot, so if you already have your handful, you should make your decision wisely.

Maltese is a hypoallergenic dog which means they will not be harmful to those who have some kind of allergy. Because of their long hair, they need to be regularly groomed and combed.

Height. 7-9 inches
Life expectancy. 12-15 years.
Weight. 7 pounds.



is a small hound that originated in central Africa. Basenji are also known as bark-less dogs as they do not bark at all, but they make a yodel-like sound through which they make their feelings known to others. Basenji can run fast like a horse as they have a lot of energy stored in their body.

Basenji is a hypoallergenic dog because of their coat, and these dogs do not need much grooming; they just need to be washed regularly.

Height. 17 inches male and 16 inches female.
Life expectancy. 13-14 years.
Weight. 24 pounds male and 22 pounds female.

Griffon Bruxellois:

Griffon Bruxellois

The is a breed that originated in Brussels, Belgium, and that is why they are also known as Brussels Griffon.

These dogs are known to be alert at all times and are always on the lookout for red flags. These dogs can be easily trained, but they have a sensitive nature which is why they dont get along well with the kids.

Griffons are hypoallergenic dogs, which means keeping them in the home with someone who has an allergy will not be a problem but needs to be groomed and combed regularly to keep their shedding minimum.

Height. 7-10 inches
Life expectancy. 12-15 years.
Weight. 8-10 pounds.


Here in this, we have let you know what does hypoallergenic dog mean? And 10 small, hypoallergenic dogs breeds that don't bark for you to know and decide as selecting a pet for life long is not an easy task to do. And if you have some kind of allergic reaction, this makes the decision more complicated.

So here we have pinpointed every hypoallergenic dog so that you don't have to face any kind of harm from your loving pet.

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