Paw Print Jewelry is the Purr-fect Choice for Pet Owners

Paw Print Jewelry is the Purr-fect Choice for Pet Owners

Recent estimates indicate that approximately 90 million – and close to 100 million cats – have a home in the United States. When it comes to their , animal lovers spare no expense in caring for their pet or showcasing their love for man’s best friends.

But don’t let that last statement fool you – a pet can just as easily be a woman’s best friend, and that’s why ladies love to adorn themselves with pet lover’s .

At Fauna Jewels, a popular online web site dedicated to animal inspired jewelry, proud pet owners will have a “ruff” time deciding which beautiful piece of jewelry to purchase. Here’s a couple pet charm ideas for your consideration.

Paw Print CharmOne of the most customizable choices is that of the personalized paw featuring a paw print with your pet’s photo engraved in the center jewel of the pendant. Crafted from quality stainless steel for durability, the is available in a silver, gold, or rose-gold finish. The included chain is approximately 15in/40cm in length.

Speaking of paw print jewelry, Fauna Jewels also offers a slightly larger with a heart surrounding the paw print with your pet’s image. This charm is also made of highly polished stainless steel with the same silver, gold, or rose-gold finish. Again, the included chain length is approximately 15in/40cm. Paw Print Heart Charm

Both charms are under $30, and are available as either a necklace or key chain (great for guys). And, don’t worry about the quality of the photo – your phone camera will produce a high quality photo that will work perfectly! Just make sure there is good light and your pet in centered when you take the picture.

When it comes to jewelry trends, nothing is more popular than celebrating something that is close to your heart. If you are like most pet lovers, you hold a special place for the furriest member of your family and, in many cases, will enjoy celebrating it through the beauty that only jewelry can offer.

When someone sees you wearing a pet-friendly pendant or ring, they will instantly know that you love animals. If you were to ask the majority of female pet owners, they would likely tell you that there is nothing more perfect than showcasing their love of a cat or dog through modern trends in jewelry.

For more information on these charms as well as other wonderful animal jewelry, visit Fauna Jewels at

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