All the Reasons Why You Should Get a Service Dog Right Away!

All the Reasons Why You Should Get a Service Dog Right Away!

It is said that there is nothing more genuine anywhere than the love of a good dog. And for the right reasons as there is no other animal that has displayed such loyalty and dedication towards its owner. While playing with these furry animals, they trigger our basic and most primal instincts. Petting and playing with help our bodies release hormones like dopamine and beta-endorphins, which have healing powers and help a person feel better and heal.

The reasons of getting a

A service dog is a trained animal to assist any person with the daily tasks of life. Whether it is a human being visually impaired or has any other physical problems, having such a pet is beneficial for their owners needing a little extra support for greater emotional well-being.

They are especially a great help for the people who have a hard time combating PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Following are some of the ways in which they have repeatedly proved their worth.

They are great assistants for people who have Epilepsy or Other Physical Challenges

Such dogs are so well trained that they develop an innate ability to anticipate a seizure before happening. This enables them to alert other members around, which results in avoiding a potential physical injury caused by a sudden fit.

Sensing an imminent seizure, they paw, pace around the room, or will stay close to the person having a . If it gets averted, the dogs still try to get additional help from someone around to help them further. They also help around in taking care of various mobility tasks for people in wheelchairs like fetching something from the floor or just alerting them in diverse ways to keep them safe. The law also allows them to stay by their owners in public places like grocery stores and parks for any immediate assistance to balance themselves or in any possible way.

They are Great Companions

Needless to say, they prove to be great companions for their masters. Service dogs display loyal behavior and help you to keep a check for any neglect in any chronic illness or . The sense of security and the feeling of being cared for continuously eases the sickness's burden or any emotions of incompleteness.

The Best Service Dogs

All dogs are fantastic . However, if you are looking for some service dogs to help you or someone out, then the following are 6 Of The Best Service Dog Breeds that you should definitely check out. These have developed an excellent reputation and hold up to the job quite well.


These dogs are large in size and are suitable for hard labor. They are very smart, affectionate, and are always wanting to keep their owners happy. They are great for mobility assistance dogs.


Known as a high-energy breed, they are known to be the smartest dogs. They are very easy to train, so any service work that requires a lot of mental stimulation becomes their favorite.


You may have seen German Shepherds being police dogs, but they also prove their worth as service dogs. Being large in size, they are highly renowned for their loyalty, confidence, and intellect, which makes them excellent guides and hearing dogs.


Pomeranians are very motivated and intelligent. They love working alongside their humans and their alert nature makes them fit for being medical emergency awarer or a .


This breed is very athletic, and that is why they are a pleasure to train. They are super intelligent, and that helps them to enjoy their human interactions. As they are available in all kinds of sizes, it makes them incredibly versatile than other service dogs‘ breeds. Their curly coat sheds less and has hair instead of fur, making them appropriate for people having allergies to pet dander.


Both golden retrievers and labrador retrievers are very popular with people for many good reasons, along with their service work capabilities. They are incredibly friendly, outgoing and are always wanting to please their owners. Their size and strength allow them to meet the demands of a good service dog, and their happy-go-lucky personalities help them get adapted to their surroundings very quickly.

To Wrap Up

There is a reason why it is said that the best therapist has fur and four legs. They are humans' best friends and can do everything for them. Service dogs undergo a lot of training to make the lives of their owners needing their help easy. Their obedience, service, and the knack for tending to personalize needs make them excellent and trustworthy companions for the whole life.

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