Health Hazards for Your Pooch That You Didn’t Know

Health Hazards for Your Pooch That You Didn't Know

We all love our pets to death and there not anything in the world that we would not do for them. They are the apple of the eye of everyone around the house and they are always adding a lot of fun and joy to our lives.

However, there are a lot of things that could pose a lot of danger for them. Common articles found around in the house can sometimes become a big health hazard for our little friends. If you want to know what they all could be, read on.

1. Home Decor Items
There are a lot of home decor items that you may carelessly leave on the floor. have a tendency to chew on anything they can find, especially during the younger years.
Those little tidbits could get stuck in their throats and before you even know, they could be choking very badly. The best way to avoid from happening to keep such things out of their so that they do not get harmed in any way.

2. Your Kid’s Toys
one may particularly come across to be pretty disastrous. Toys and other play items contain several chemicals that if ingested by your pets can leave them nauseated. Even if the toys are free from any toxic chemicals, your dog can still choke on them. So it best to keep your kid’s toys away from your dog, or vice versa.

3. Your Dog’s Poop
Your dog’s excreta very dangerous for your beloved puppers. It has , E. Coli, and which can make your dog very sick. The situation could worsen if your dog happens to eat on its own poop. Well, dog poop is a health hazard, not only for your dog but for your family as well. To tackle issue, you can either train your to eat its food only and nothing else. Or otherwise, you can try and keep your lawns and backyards clean, scooping up the poop.

4. Sharp Kitchenware
The dogs or any other domestic pets are very curious by nature and they are always wanting to try out new things. With them around in the house, you should always keep sharp kitchen objects well protected and in their cases. Yet the safest bet to keep them on shelves or in cabinets. You wouldn’t want your dog to hurt itself while playing with a knife.

A lot of people have ADD/ADHD lying in their homes. Prozac, Tylenol, etc. are almost always on the bedside tables and sometimes dogs can grab them and try to eat them. Although several medicines that are safe for human use are also safe for dogs, it does not mean that all medicines are. Perhaps, if your pooch happens to ingest ADD/ADHD medicines, it might kill it. So, better to keep your medications out of your pooch’s reach at all times.

The Gist
Your Pooch a part of your family, and for sure, you would want it to stay healthy for as long as it lives. And just to ensure that you must do everything to keep harms out of their way.

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