What are the Right Toys for Your Dog?

What are the right toys for your dog?

As a owner, you have to buy some kinds of toys for the family member. There are tons of dog toys online for various demand. We know dog toys should be safe, durable, and most important of all, fun. Many of the factors, however, are completely dependent on your 's activity, size personal preference and the environment in which your dog spends their free time. Also, the pet product online is a little bit different from the brick and mortar store, the toys can't be held by your hand to test it. However, we still have some useful advice to buy dog toys and find a specific toy.

How to decide the safest toys for your dog

Usually, the most attractive toys are the most dangerous. For instance, a few manufacturers are creating dog toys that need your pup to press an oversize lever to get his treats. Avoid toys like this as they pose a risk for your dog's eyes. Sharp, pointy items are always a terrible consideration when it comes to dog toys.

Not too big, not too small

The dog toys you purchase should be appropriate for your dog's current size (ranges from small to big). The balls you purchase should usually be big enough to carry, but not too small to swallow. If it's too small it might become eaten.


I suggest avoiding rawhides or rawhide-like toys. Rawhides, when chewed, can soften and get wedged in a dog's throat.

Toys for Active

Very hard, strong durable rubber toys are perfect for highly active dogs. These can usually come in many shapes and sizes and are great for being chewed and carried around. Rope toys are popular among dogs and for those that love to play fetch, tennis balls are the best for them.

Treat in Toys + Puzzle Toys

Dog treat toys, when filled with broken treats with a bit of peanut butter can keep your puppy playing for hours. They can smell the treats, but can they eat it…

Only if they chew hard enough. Although…before you put the peanut butter, check any nut allergies with your veterinarian.

Puzzle dog toys co-operate perfectly with big-brain dogs that are seemingly always bored. With a simple dog puzzle toy, are concealed inside different compartments, and your pet has to use its “big-brain” and discover which compartment. Once they finish level one, here comes level two. Easy, you say? How about level three? Will Odie figure out which pit contains the legendary, mythical, mystical, beautiful, scrumptious treats, or will he die a fateful, honoured death? Or maybe he'll just walk away and fetch the ball instead. That's a good option, too.

Soft Toys

My last suggestion is soft, or rather, stuffed toys. They should only ever be big enough to carry, no bigger nor smaller than that. For murderous dogs that would rather kill the toy than use it as a toy to snuggle, you should get a that is approximately the size of its prey. Just bear in mind, every time he murders something, that's another bruise your wallet takes.

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