3 Reasons We Love Dogs But Might Not Admit To

3 Reasons We Love Dogs But Might Not Admit ToAmong the various pets that can be domesticated and kept safely at home, dogs are quite special compared to others.

They never fail to express their happiness and excitement when you come home, they are always game for a round of catch, and quite frankly, make their owners the center of their universe.

Yet even though some dog lovers can suffer mental breakdowns just being without their pets for a few days, few would admit to the type of value their furry friends to life.

This is because the truth can hurt the people around them. Here’s 3 of them.

1) Dogs have no ego… unlike your friends

Unless you have come face-to-face with a that has to maul you in order to gain the approval from it’s owner, dogs seldom display an ego like your real friends and colleagues.

They have no pride to protect, no hidden agendas, and no sadistic mind games to play.

You can your heart to your dog and show your vulnerabilities without needing to fear being judged or laughed at.

And the odds are that it would be able to tell when you are feeling low and be by your side to console you.

With people, egos dictate their behavior towards you. Sometimes people just refuse to up because they have a facade to maintain.

The psychological effects that dogs contribution to our lives are even backed up by the CDC.

2) They have no expectations… unlike your mother-in-law

Everybody around has expectations of you.

Your boss expects you to deliver your work on time, your friends expect you to respond to their FB posts, your siblings expect you to own your responsibilities of caring for aging parents, your wife expects you to home the bacon, and even your mother-in-law expects you to be a millionaire soon.

Your dog only expects you to be you. Even if you are not of the dog zodiac.

At most, it just expects to be praised and fed.

You don’t have to constantly pressure yourself to live up to your dog’s expectations. In fact, it probably tries it’s best to live up to yours instead!

3) They give you all the attention you secretly crave

People don’t admit that they have a need for attention. This is especially the case with men who often feels a need to display masculinity in front of others.

Constantly asking your wife or husband to cuddle you can make you look like a weirdo who has a strange insecurity.

With a dog, you don’t even have to ask it to give you attention. It’s going to be coming to you the moment you get home. Then constantly follow you around and sit on your lap the moment you sit on the couch.

It’s one of the biggest reasons people choose dogs as pets.

With a dog who constantly showers you with , your need for attention and will not be exposed to other members of the household.

It sure feels good to have someone welcoming you home at the door everyday while everyone else cannot be bothered.

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