Pet Art and Custom Pet Portraits

are unbelievable cute, and we love, adore them sometimes to obsessiveness. Also, they love us back unconditionally, bring us joy, amuse and entertain us, they comfort us and are always there for us.

We play with them, entertain them with toys, and them incessantly. We also enjoy looking at the photos we snap of our pets almost as much as we enjoy looking at them.

A lovely way to respect and celebrate our pet is to have an artist create a custom of them. Most of us have some fantastic photos taken over the years, and some pictures deserve to be made in a unique piece of art or by an artist.

Maybe it’s that photo of your mid-air catching his favourite or the picture of your , deep in kitten mischief that you managed to capture despite her speed. These are all valuable moments that make for beautiful pet art portraits.

Pet portraits are always something special as they portray depth and uniqueness that can surpass what photos show. They capture your pet’s personality and gladly displays it for all to see and appreciate. Very often we gift them to ourselves celebrating our best friend. If you are searching for a super special gift for someone, a customised pet of their beloved pet is always a reliable winner.

Pet art has become immensely well-known today, and there’s always an increased demand for all kinds of and dog art, even in developing countries. China, for example, boasted more than 755 million family pets in 2019, due to an increase in middle-class families and related spending on pets. Even countries like Indonesia have a 37% cat and 15.5% dog ownership as of 2018.

Nevertheless, searching for customised pet portraits can be an intimidating challenge as the choice of pet art, for the or dog lover, is vast.

Some excellent ideas that I have found on the net are watercolour portraits on canvas, some funny renaissance paintings combined with pets of all shapes and sizes and some day to day customised home accessories.

One of my preferred suppliers is rock my pet ( as they have every possible type of customised pet art products, including:

  • Unique custom pet portraits
  • Renaissance custom pet portraits
  • Watercolour pet portraits
  • Pop art pet portraits

Additionally, they stock some exciting homeware and pet accessories, customised with some adorable pet art, which they deliver globally.

Nevertheless, several other companies have a similar set of products on pet art as a short internet search will show. In the USA, West and Willow provides framed pet portraits with a modern design.

Pet Art and Custom Pet Portraits

Other forms of pet art

Nevertheless, the net is full of fantastic ideas around pet art, and I have also found companies that create wooden, marble or bronze sculptures of pets, which do come with a more significant price tag attached to it. and are some excellent examples.

, and Amazon Handmade have also got a vast selection of ideas as a short search will show.

Last but not least

Also pets, unfortunately, tend to live a lot less than humans. As the saying goes, we don’t own pets, they accompany us for a short time, and sometimes pet art can be an excellent way to remember that journey they had with us.

Here Urns, paintings and Sculptures can be a fantastic memory or gift for a pet lover.

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